Author, Photographer, and aspiring Fantasy novelist all rolled into one!


Chuck Shingledecker

Photography has been one of my passions since I bought my first “real” camera (a 35mm SLR Canon Rebel II) when when I was nineteen. I took it on vacation, to concerts, on boundary waters canoe trips, and pretty much everywhere I could. Today I shoot and process Digital SLR and enjoy all of the benefits, challenges and quality that provides for me, as the artist, and you as the viewer.

My photographic philosophy is to balance what my eyes see in the real world with the emotion that I experience while standing in awe of a piece of God’s creation — yet realizing that even the most beautifully processed photographs can only give a viewer a glimpse of that emotion. I tend to err on the side of what my eyes see, as opposed to a more impressionistic or emotional interpretation of any given scene, but the real point is to stir up the same emotion in a viewer that I experienced in the real world.

All images that appear on this website are for sale.

In the coming days, I will continue to update the price list, the various options I offer, and the different types of scenes available.

Please, feel free to browse, and if you have any questions you may use the Contact form to email me, or contact me via social media — in particular my Facebook Page.



Autumn wetland

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